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Acquisition Research for the Private Sector

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What services does Packard Acquisitions offer?

Compilation of candidate pool. Data tracking. Candidate analysis.

Packard Acquisition’s sister company, Packard Group, offers additional brokerage services.

Who is Packard Acquisitions’ target client?

Firms looking to make multiple acquisitions/joint ventures/VAR contracts with private companies.

How does Packard Acquisitions work?

After the initial engagement fee, builds the criteria search tool, weighted to the critical few criteria that have the most value to your firm.

The candidate pool is compiled then contacted.

Data is researched and added to the database to rank and track the value and timing of candidates.

Introductions are arranged with the highest priority candidates.

You enter the negotiation phase and either do or don’t make a deal. Additional candidates emerge from the data as the research loop is repeated.

Additional candidates emerge from the data as the research loop is repeated.

How does Packard Acquisitions get paid?

Packard Acquisitions gets paid in three stages: a one-time engagement fee, a one-time launch fee, and an active negotiation or Letter of Intent fee.

Why team with Packard Acquisitions?

To save you time and money and to lower your risk. Adding Packard Acquisition’s expertise in compiling, contacting, ranking, and tracking the candidate pool allows the acquisition team to function more efficiently and more effectively.

Compared to SEC research firms, Packard Acquisitions costs much less and their strength is playing in the fortune 1000 public firm sector. Our strength is in privately held companies where information is not published.

How does Packard Acquisitions compare to brokers?

Brokers are transaction-based – any deal that generates their commission is ‘good’. Pacquisitions is research-based – a good candidate won’t always make a good deal, so we’ll keep dishing them up until you find what you’re looking for – the best fit and a successful deal.

Why should I bring Packard Acquisitions into my in-progress deals?

The impact of only a few additional ideal candidates is exponential. Knowledge is power. Packard Acquisitions provides critical, private information.

If you are making measurable and successful acquisitions on your desired pace – then you don’t need Packard Acquisitions, so don’t hire us.

I know who I’m after – why do I need Packard Acquisitions?

Years of experience has shown us where to find vertical, horizontal, and tangential connections through multiple experts and established sources.

Coupled with our online interactive methodology, provides a service unavailable anywhere else in the world.