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Acquisition Research for the Private Sector

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Acquisitions: Reward vs. Risk

2002: A six-year Business Week study found that over 60% of acquisitions destroyed value.

2000: A KPMG study found that over 80% of mergers failed to create a substantial return (and 53% destroyed value).

Pacquisitions minimizes this risk through proven data gathering and evaluation techniques integrated into our online interactive webtools.

A critical piece of any successful acquisition process is the ability to intelligently track and court many candidates simultaneously. Our advanced webtools offer the information management that has been lacking in comprehensive acquisition searches.

A successful private acquisition is the culmination of many successful actions and successful actions come out of careful planning and forethought.

Acquisition Snapshot

This gives Packard Acquisition a general idea of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

We take that general information to perform an initial report as to the depth of the pool of likely prospects.

Upon engaging Packard Acquisitions, we will proceed to more in-depth data gathering.

Prospect Profile

Our proprietary Prospect Profile is a comprehensive tool that covers all of the different aspects and concerns for a successful private acquisition. This gives Packard Acquisitions detailed insight into the 'who, what, when, and why'.

Research begins into the appropriate industries and regions. The resulting data is available, through a secure site for viewing and searching. As progress is made with individual prospects, that information is maintained in each prospects Detail Report.